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Judith Andrews

Judith Andrews

Senior Associate

Hidden Gem Associates was started in 2015 by Judith Andrews in recognition that her experience and business skillset could have greater benefit to entrepreneurs and small business owners than the corporate giants of the UK. Judith has over 25 years’ experience as a senior personal and executive assistant with a wide range of organisations; from global corporates to closely held limited companies. She is dedicated in providing top quality business support that is responsive and approachable.

Judith has a reputation for being effective and efficient and she prides herself on delivering outstanding service to all those she has worked with. As the founder of Hidden Gem Associates, she ensures that all her team meet the same high standards so that all tasks and projects are delivered as required and agreed. With the ability to work remotely or on-site, Hidden Gem Associates is able to offer a business management or executive support service that will meet your needs.

Judith is a member of Business over Breakfast Thanet and is proud to support Kentish businesses.